Pope Francis Declares Lucifer as god


The Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis 1,  has declared Lucifer as god, is this true? Many that have seen this video clip are calling for the Pope to resign. See video below

watch video below

Lucifer etymologically means the “bringer or light,” or “bringer of the dawn.” It is often translated as “morning star,” and as such refers to Venus, Sirius, and sometimes Mercury in Astronomy (vide). (WikiPedia has a discussion of this in its entry, Lucifer.) The “morning star” also refers to Jesus Christ in the Bible, both in Catholic and Protestant translations. It also is used to refer, in Catholic piety (e.g., in the Litany of Loreto), to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is like the morning star heralding the Sun of Justice, Jesus Christ. The Litany in Latin uses the words Stella Matutina (literally, “Morning Star”) in reference to Her; it does not call Our Lady Lucifer.

The fact that the Latin Bible uses the word Lucifer not in reference to Satan is easily established by a search on this Protestant site (click for the search: I did all the work for you!).

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