N-Power Update: Deadline for 2021 CBT Assessment Test for Batch C Applicants

Deadline for 2021 CBT Assessment Test for N-Power Batch C Applicants –  This is to inform all Batch  C applicants that are yet to write their CBT Assessment test on the NASIMS portal, that the deadline is close, see more details below.

This is no longer news that the CBT Assessment Test for all Batch C applicants of the N-Power Scheme is ongoing, and many have written the Test online and seen their scores.

However, about 5,042,001 Nigerians who applied for the N-Power Batch C online registration, and have written their test successfully, and for those that are yet to write theirs, the closing date is close and very soon the portal will be put off when the time is due.

Millions have written their test, and more are still waiting. Please do well to write yours before the closing date, see how to update your records and take the online CBT Test on the NASIMS Portal.

When will 2021 N-Power Batch C Applicants Screening End?

Yes, to all applicants of Batch C, this is the question on their minds.         .

When will N-Power 2021 Batch C NASIMS Screening End?

This is the question right now on the mind of most applicants who are yet to take the assessment test. Some are asking when the test portal will shut down. Is there a closing date for N-Power online test?

Please if you are yet to write yours, hurry before it’s too late…don’t say I did not warn you.

How Long Will the N-Power Batch C Test 2021 Last?

Currently about 80% of applicants have written test and the test portal will be shut down anytime soon. So if you are yet to take your test, CLICK HERE  to do so before the N-Power NASIMS test portal will be closed.

Will the Assessment Test Be an Important Criterion for Selection?

YES. Some people probably think that the whole assessment test is a fraud. Well, everyone is entitled to his or her opinions. Remember the N-Power test will be used for the selection of successful candidates (N-Power Batch C Shortlisted Candidates 2021)

How to Check your N-Power Test Result 2021

All applicants who have successfully written their test should check their result on this portal nasims.gov.ng

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