N-Power Update: NASIMS Portal Verification Status for Batch C Applicants – Check Here

NASIMS Portal Verification Status: This is to inform all Batch C N-Power Applicants that the Verification Status Column on the NASIMS Portal is now active; applicants can now check their status, see more details below.

This process is for those that updated their records and took the Online Test can now check their status and do the biometric enrollment.

The NASIMS Portal Batch C Verification/Biometric Enrollment column is now active functioning, and is where applicants can check their status to see if they are successfully shortlisted for the Physical Screening and credentials Verification.

By this information, we encourage all applicants to visit the verification column in their respective dashboards on the NASIMS portal; you will get the following responses for those that have been Shortlisted or Not Shortlisted.

For those, Not Shortlisted, you get the following responses:

Hello Applicant,

You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage,

Please check back later

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For those, Shortlisted, you get the following responses:

Congrats on passing the screening phase. We just want to verify some of your details and you will be good to go. If you feel you missed out on any important detail during the application phase, kindly send an email to our support team via supportnpower@nasims.gov.ng

Note: This information comprises for all categories including N-Power Teach, N-Power Agro, N-Power Health, N-Power Tech, N-Power Build and N-Power Creative Applicants.

Process to check your 2021 N-Power Verification Status for Batch C on the NASIMS Portal

Visit the https://nasims.gov.ng/login

Login with the email you used for N-Power Registration or Application ID

Once you are logged in to the portal, click the verification link to view your status.

Note: You will be required to do Fingerprint Enrollment if you are Successfully verified. However, do not panic if you are told to check back later as the link will gradually coming up with records of Successfully Applicants.

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