Latest Batch C Update – How to Resolve Payment issues on your NASIMS Profile

N-Power Batch C Update – This is coming as a form of relief to all N-Power Batch C Beneficiaries, that have been worried over their Stipend payment since it has been paid, see more details.

It has been noticed that most beneficiaries are yet to receive their payment and this have created many concerns. Major causes of this delay, may be ascribed to delays from the various financial institutions.

Payments of October stipends for Batch  C Beneficiaries has started, some beneficiaries have received, while many others are yet to receive, and this has created fears among some beneficiaries.

Payments made since 8th November, 2021, is yet to be transferred to beneficiaries accounts, but there are some cases of ‘No payment data’ or ‘Pending’ and ‘Processing’. This article will give guide and solutions to resolve this issues, hope it helps.

What Payment ID “Pay/08/11/202100000001” Means

If you are an N-Power Batch C volunteer and on checking your payroll tab you saw the Payment ID “Pay/08/11/202100000001” it actually means you were paid exactly on the 8th November, 2021, the first part of the ID “Pay”, means payment had been effected, the “08” actually shows the day of payment, while the “11” shows the month of payment, while the “202100000001” shows the year of payment, while the “1” at the end denotes the batch, in this case Batch C1.

If your Payment ID shows “Pending” you have been paid just exercise patience as the delay is actually from your deposit bank, and might be due to bulk payment glitch from the Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement Scheme (NIBSS)

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How To Fix “No Payment Data” Issue On NASIMS Portal

Also if you have not completed your N-Power Physical Verification and your payroll tab displays “No Payment Data”, you will not be PAID. You can simply edit your details on the Profile section and input your full information comprising of the following:

  • Full Names
  • Account details
  • BVN etc .

Then you submit, it will take 24hrs for your information to reflect on your Dashboard.

Note: The “No Payment Data” displayed on your NASIMS Profile simply means that your payment status has an issue, your account information has not been validated. Please kindly contact N-Power NASIMS Support @

Payment Delay Is From Your Financial Institution

Check your Banking details you provided to N-Power, if they are all correct and corresponds, you will be paid adequately.

Note: Payment is slow because of the transfer mode being used by Npower when making payment, mostly NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) takes longer periods than other forms of transfers.

If Your BVN Reads “Provided” means your Account is Validated

As an N-Power Batch C volunteer and your NASIMS profile reads “Not Provided” it simply means that you did not provide your BVN when completing your NASIMS account details.

To address this issue simply click on “Edit Tab”, then provide the correct BVN number then log out and login, should you have any difficulty please contact N-Power NASIMS Support Phone numbers on 09-2203102, 01-8888148.

No Payment If BVN Reads “Invalid” or “No BVN Data”

Note: Check the “Overview Tab” on your NASIMS profile for vital information, if you were not sent the information you are good to go.

Also if your N-Power NASIMS profile reads “No BVN data” or “Invalid BVN” you will not be Paid, please this simply means that your BVN has not been validated by NIBSS.

Simply call N-Power dedicated phone numbers on 09-2203102, 01-8888148 or send an email to  email heading should be “BVN not validated” then the body of your email should include your N-Power ID and all your bank account credentials, please take note, do not send your ATM PIN as this is not required.

What To Do If Your Status Shows Paid But No Alert

If after checking your banking app and you did not observe an increase, simply exercise patience and keep checking your SMS and email. Should the situation continues, this calls for great urgency and attention, it simply means either your account number was wrongly inputted or you failed to supply your BVN to N-Power.

Simply contact N-Power dedicated care services on or contact directly via phone on 09-2203102, 01-8888148

N-Power Beneficiaries Will Be Paid October Stipend

Information online shows that quite a number of N-Power Batch C beneficiaries are yet to be paid, please the payment sequence and progress should be monitored by N-Power volunteers on their NASIMS profile.

The sequence is as follows below:

1) No Payment Data

2) Pay roll shows “Pending”

3) Pay roll shows “Processing” this indicates that certainly an N-Power Batch C volunteer will definitely be paid

4) Pay roll shows “Confirmed” this indicates that payment has been made to the N-Power Batch C volunteer.

How To Fix “Wrong Account Number” Issue On NASIMS

Please apart from payment delay from your bank of which you will soon be paid, there might be an error on your bank account number that you have overlooked, quite a handful of N-Power Batch C Volunteers gave their details to cybercafe attendants who erroneously filled in the wrong account number. If your account number is wrong you will not be credited, despite your payroll tab displaying “paid”.

Please if after attempting to edit your account number and you are having challenges simply screenshot the issue and send it to or contact N-Power NASIMS via the dedicated helpline 09-2203102, 01-8888148, do not forget to forward your N-Power ID, please go straight to the point when sending your issues and avoid lengthy stories.

With the points above carefully explained, an N-Power Batch Beneficiary will resolve all payment issues faced on their NASIMS profile.

Thank you

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