Npower Beneficiaries Login Status 2017- The Difference Between Enrolled and Onboarded Npower Volunteers

By Norbert

This column is for the 2017 Npower Beneficiaries that were enrolled into the Npower programme. It covers two vital areas of contention-which is being onboarded and being enrolled.  I want to explain each details to Beneficiaries what they entrails, as you read below.

The Difference Between Enrolled and Onboarded Npower Volunteers

2017 Npower Beneficiaries do ask the difference between the Onboarded and Enrolled icon, reflecting on the 2017 Beneficiary profile page. The differences are simple, if your status is still reflects onboarded, then you are undergoing the validation process and if your status have changed to enrolled that means you have scaled validation and you are processed for N-power payroll.

According to Npower, those whose letters have not been official, they will still get their August stipend but ONLY after their details have gone through the process. And for the beneficiaries whose status  have not submitted their deployment list they will still collect their August stipend if they submit later after they have gone through the process.

Enrolled and Onboarded Npower Volunteers

If onboarded it means you are yet to be cleared by the Npower team as your Scan Documents is not uploaded and not verified for clearance, payments will be on hold until your status finally shows “Enrolled”.

If your status shows “Enrolled”, means you have been certified and cleared as a member of the Npower volunteer scheme, you will receive your letter for posting to your place of primary assignment.

According to N-power, they do not assign officials at State levels. NPower officials at State levels are appointed by the State Government. N-Power works with whoever is appointed.

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