Npower Stipend for November/December Payment Schedule.

The N-power program organized by the Nigerian Government has begun payments of stipends to beneficiaries for November/December. It was announced by the administrators recently.

It was occasioned that the first 100,000 2017 beneficiaries of N-power should have gotten their monthly stipend, according to N-power administrators.

Npower Stipend for November/December Payment Schedule.

From the administrators, stipends has been allocated even in Bauchi, it was revealed by the Bauchi state social investment office (BSSIO), that over 4,500 of N-Power youth volunteers have received their stipends.

Information received, was that NPower stipend has been disbursed since August 2018.

It was also gathered that the BSSIO through GEEP component is ready to support the beneficiaries with non interest loan to set-up micro businesses. And Bauchi still remains the only Northern state in Nigeria that is simultaneously involved in social investment programmes at the moment.

This benefit were processed for Npower Stipend 2018 that’s on now.

Now their stipends have been fully paid, leaving them with smiles in their faces. They now believe the Buhari government is here to create more jobs in Nigeria.

Some of the N-power beneficiaries were happy and gave comments:

“N-power has finally fulfilled their unending promises to 2017 batch which was filled and submitted online via, by paying August stipend”.

Kudos to Buhari government and N-power team.

“The beneficiaries said they will repay the government with dedication at our PPA and vote for Buhari re-election”.

Another commented “I just received alert now, I am so broke, thank you Lord, thank you N-power”.

While others who are yet to see theirs are waiting patiently. You can login to your profile from profile to keep checking.

Though, the administrators have promised to distribute the stipends to all volunteers.

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