Update on Mass Payment of Stipends to Npower Beneficiaries has commenced; Login to check your Status here

Update on Mass Payment of Stipends to Npower Beneficiaries has commenced and 2017 Beneficiaries login status. According to the Coordinator of Npower Scheme Director General, Mr Afolabi.

He stated that Npower is set to begin mass payment of Beneficiaries Stipends. Check below for more details here.

I will share more light on this article of being onboarded and being enrolled.

On boarded and being enrolled

To be Onboarded means you are yet to be cleared by the Npower team as your scan document upload is yet to be verified for clearance, this means your payment will be onhold till you status finally showed Enrolled

While to be enrolled, means you have been certified and cleared as a member of the Npower volunteer scheme and posted to your place of primary assignment.

Login Portal http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/login

Npower Scheme Mass Payment of Beneficiaries Stipends

According to the DG,  selection of devices may start by ending of this month or probably by January 2019 that is for 2017 Set, Batch B, also concerning the delay in payment.

The Director General also said that the delays in payment is caused by faulty systems, Mr. Afolabi also said that the faulty system has contributed to the irregular dispatching of payments to beneficiaries across the country.

He further stated thata those in August have started receiving payment since last week and in regards to his speech he said more beneficiaries with issues will get theirs soon, he also emphasized on the need for all beneficiaries to be upright in terms of regularly attending their Primary Place of Assessment, he calls for the official report of beneficiaries that are found wanting at their PPA.

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