Over one Million Adhoc Staff to be recruited by INEC for 2019 General elections: how to apply

Chairman of the independent Electoral  Commission (aka INEC) Prof. Mahood Yakub, appeared before the senate committee on Electoral Matters, that the commission will begin recruitment of over one million adhoc staff that work in the forthcoming general elections in February 2019, they will be deployed to their various places of assignment. The  Adhoc workers will be about 300 higher than the 700 engaged for the 2015 general elections.

According to the chairman, the increase in the number of adhoc staffs to be recruited in the elections by the commission came up from the need to make provisions for adequate workers for the exercise, more importantly to take care of all the peculiar needs for that purpose in some polling units across the country.

The INEC chairman, at a meeting with the lawmakers, also disclosed that the commission was planning to make the five categories of disfranchised Nigerians participate in the 2019 general elections.

The five categories, according to him, are the 16000 inec workers, members of the civil society organisations who serve as election monitors and observers, the media, security personnel and prison inmates.

Available positions to apply for, and the application requirements, easy way to apply for it please you can go through the content again to fully understand everything thanks.



  1. Shall receive materials from the Election observers (EO) on the eve of elections
  2. He shall distribute materials to all the presiding officers in his RA
  3. He will ensure proper retrieval of materials from the presiding Officer
  4. He  shall assist in the training of poll officials under him
  5. He should have sufficient knowledge of the RA of his assignment
  6. He shall address and solve any issues that may arise or refer to the EO immediately
  7. He shall monitor early movement of the presiding officers to the collation centre
  8. He shall collect the phone numbers and other details from the presiding officers to ensure close communicational all the time


Must be an INEC Staff or Federal Public Servant (Ministries, Departments and Agencies) Grade Level



  • Shall be at the LGA two days before the election to confirm posting
  • Collect all materials from the SPO on eve of elections and properly document them
  • Shall be in charge of the PU and paste all necessary materials such as postal, etc
  • Supervise the Assistant Presiding Officers posted to the Polling Unit
  • Shall educate the voters on the election process and arrangement of polling unit
  • At the end of the voting process he shall add the results from the voting points where available and declare the winning party
  • He shall paste a copy of the results at the Polling Unit
  • He prepares reports and submits to Supervisory Presiding Officer



Must be a serving NYSC Member. In some cases it does not necessary mean you will have to be an NYSC member this adhoc recruitment is for both undergraduate and graduates




  • Assist the PO to collect and document materials received
  • Works under the supervision of the Presiding Officer
  • Ensures that there is flow and proper arrangements of the voters
  • Ticks the name of the voter registry
  • Assist with the sorting and counting of ballot papers and materials
  • May manage a voting point if need be



Must be a serving NYSC Member , Student of penultimate year in Federal Tertiary Institutions, Former NYSC Member that participated in 2011-date Electoral activities or Federal Government Employee Grade Level 07-09 possessing minimum of National Diploma/equivalent at State Level. 


All applicants wishing to apply should click on this link iasd@inecnigeria.org  and fill out the online form, Candidates should  expect to be deployed  to areas of domicile if successful.

The application is free of charge if you really want to apply for the inec adhoc staff recruitment please kindly follow this link for more Apply now here

Should in case the link for the inec adhoc recruitment portal fail to connect just know that it could be server problem but if you keep facing the same challenges then leave a message to us with your challenges and we will help

Undergraduates needs ssce, while university or polytechnic candidates will need to present either a degree certificate or an HND. Ond can also serve too.

Even though inec adhoc recruitment is normally done through the national level,  State governments can call for employment if they so desire.

you are unable to access the application please kindly leave a comment and we forward you any method to use and apply if you have any question kindly use the comment box, and also leave a comment and follow the blog to stay at alert about inec adhoc staff recruitment.

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