How to Fix Failed Hard Disk/damaged Micro SD card Using Diskpart on Windows 7/8/10 and also Recover Lost data…

This piece of article will give you a clear guide on how to fix a Failed Hard Drive or damaged Micro SD Memory Card. I want to take my time to explain the process to the layman’s understanding. Read below and find out more details…

First of all, remove the hard disk causing issues and connect it to another Windows computer using a Hard Drive Enclosure, this Enclosure Pack can be found in the computer accessories stores nationwide.

After inserting the hard drive into the enclosure, connect the USB cable to it and the other end to the computer (Desktop/Laptop) USB port.

Start the computer (Desktop/Laptop) and it to boot to desktop mode, connect the enclosure containing the failed hard drive, for micro SD card, insert it in the memory port located in the computer.

Enter the Command Prompt as an Admin by typing Run in the search box, when the Run box displays, type Diskpart and press the enter key to display the command prompt box.

Then start with the following commands:

Type “list disk” (displays the all disks connect to the computer)
Type “select disk 1or the number associated to the failed disk”
When selected, type “clean”
After cleaning, type “create partition primary”
Type “select partition 1”
Type “active”
Type “format FS = NTFS”
Then Assign Drive Letter = “A or B or C or D”….etc
Type “exit” to close the command prompt

After all this listed above, your hard drive or micro sd card is fixed or repaired and then ready for use…..congratulations….

Here’s how the above command lines work – Actually these command lines remove and resets a primary partition, format is with NTFS file system and then assign it with a drive letter.

But you should note that the fixing solution mentioned here will delete all the files stored on the hard drive. But, you can restore them back once you reconnect the drive to main PC and then get back lost files from backup. So, it is suggested to take backups before you begin with the fixing process!

What if there is no backup or you didn’t find any data after running Diskpart? Now that is where data recovery software comes into picture! Choose SFWare Partition Recovery Application, a reliable data recovery solution that will easily recover data from failed and bad hard drives.

How to recover data from failed hard disk drive?

With SFWare Partition Recovery Software, any novice is able to perform data recovery from failed hard drive. Just follow these instructions:

  • Download SFWare Partition Recovery Software on any Windows system and complete the installation steps
  • Attach the failed drive to the software installed system and run the tool
  • Main screen will display “Partition Recovery” option and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” option
  • Select “Partition Recovery” option if the partition is deleted, lost or corrupted
  • Now, select the drive from where you want to recover data and go to “Next” option to start the recovery process (Software will display all the available drives present in your system, including externally connected hard drives)
  • Data will be recovered in a short interval of time
  • Once the recovery process is completed, retrieved partition data will be displayed in “Data Type” and “File Type” views
  • You can check recovered files using “Preview” option
  • Click on “Save” button to successfully store recovered data

What if your hard disk turns RAW and you are not able to access data. Well no worries, you can opt for SFWare Partition Recovery Software and easily recover data from RAW hard drive using the same steps mentioned above.

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