2016 N-Power Beneficiaries Enhancement Programme 2019 – View Full info here

This Enhancement Programme 2019 is for 2016 beneficiaries that ended this November and they will be migrated to the proposed Npower enhances. This comes with a lot of packages and welfare for the volunteers as unfolds below.

Hope you are aware that the Npower 2016 program has come to an end? Recall that the program was scheduled to last for just 2 years.

Are you aware that you guys will be absorbed into the Npower enhancement program? In fact there is a plan on the way to make each and everyone of you guys participate in another program.

“The 2016 beneficiaries will proceed into an enhancement programme as you continue to give your service and earn your monthly stipend,” the statement reads.

The federal government noted that “the details of the N-Power Enhance will gladden” the hearts of the beneficiaries.

Although, the statement did not indicate when the enhancement programme will start, it however, hinted that the enhancement plan is a “multi-sector, multilayered and multi-pronged” one.

“The programme will be expanded, enriched, made bigger and better and we will improve the welfare of those in the programme,” Osinbajo said during a visit to Kiara De-Luke Multi-Skill and Entrepreneurship Centre, an N-Power training centre at Umuobiakwa in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia.

You will need to visit your Npower state secretariat to find out more about the propose Npower Enhance.

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