NYSC Batch A online registration, mobilization & orientation timetable – 2019/2020

The 2019/2020 NYSC Batch A online registration, mobilization & orientation timetable – www.portal.nysc.gov.ng for Prospective Corp Members will start soon. Today, you are going to get all information you have been searching for as regards to NYSC mobilization here today, because this column is strictly for all prospective NYSC Corp members’ batch A that will be going to camp come 2019. See how to start your mobilization below.

Necessities needed before 2019/2020 NYSC batch A online registration

The first thing any PCM should do is to check his or her name in NYSC Matriculation list

You must get your statement of results from your school

  • You must get your passport photographs ready (white background)
  • You must get your school ID card ready
  • You must get your short, white canvas, white polo, net, pillow, etc ready
  • It’s important you get a proper email address set aside for nysc
  • All married women needed to get their marriage certificate ready.
  • Those who are sick need to get their medical report ready  should in case they throw you in an area not suitable for your health.

NYSC mobilization and the 2019 General elections – A clear picture

The 2019 General elections is around the corner and every prospective Corp member has been worried and are asking if the 2019 General election is going to affect mobilization and all program as outlined in the 2019 NYSC calendar.

To have a clear picture of how the 2019 General election is going to be and whether it will affect Batch A mobilization that is scheduled to take place January let’s take a look at what happened in the last general election that took place in 2015.

We are going to compare and contrast events, we believe from there we can be able to predict what 2019 holds for all.

How 2019 General election will affect 2019 batch A mobilization

First you have to understand that if mobilization fails to take place in January 2019, then mobilization won’t be possible during the electioneering period. For sure mobilization will only commence fully after the general election.
Before the 2019 Batch A mobilization the following events have to take place:


Will 2015 drama repeat itself? 2019 batch A mobilization

The 2015 election was actually shifted from February to March because of an offensive against boko haram in the North East. The election actually took place on 5th May 2015.

It will be recalled that the NYSC mobilization was postponed and was only held few weeks after the election.

For clarity purpose we are going to present the 2015 NYSC timetable to you all, we believe from there you all will understand our point.

NYSC 2015 Batch A Mobilization Time Table

1 2015 Batch A pre-mobilization workshop. 17th – 19th December,2014
2 Briefing/Sensitization of final year students and prospective corps members. 19th – 23rd January, 2015
3 Display of list of all approved programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking 1st – 15th February, 2015
4 Submission/Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Result and Revalidation Lists by CPIs 16th – 21st February, 2015
5 On-line Registration by Foreign and Locally trained Nigerian Graduates 2nd March – 4th April, 2015
6 Notification to prospective Corps Members on their mobilization status 13th – 14th April, 2015
7 Delivery of print-outs to CPIS. 15th – 17th April, 2015
8 Verification of Complaints from prospective Corps Members in all NYSC state secretariats/FCT 17th – 18th April, 2015
9 Submission of Marital/Ill-health cases by CPIs. 20th – 22nd April, 2015
10 Notification for on-line printing of call-up letters 27th April, 2015
11 Delivery of call-up letters to CPIs 27th – 29th April, 2015
12 On-line printing of call-up letters by Prospective Corps Members/Collection of call-up letters in the schools 27th April – 4th May, 2015
13 2015 Batch A Orientation Course 5th – 26th May, 2015

From our calculation and predictions mobilization will Commence just few weeks after the general election, Camp will open around April.

Will 2019/2020 elections affect batch A registration and mobilization?

If there is a clash of event between the registration / mobilization and the 2019 forthcoming elections, have it in mind that a new date will be fixed for the sake of national interest.

When will 2019/2020 registration and mobilization start?

Since election will hold around February 2019, two things are likely to happen, one is that NYSC might prefer to start the registration early January then mobilization takes kick off instantly before the electioneering period finally arrives. Although there are speculation that the 2019 election timetable might be rescheduled.

NYSC board might likely hold their grounds and allow the election to be over before the portal will be open for registration. To me i prefer the election to be over before before mobilization should commence.

Please be visiting this page for further information about when the registration and mobilization will start and if there will be any changes in the 2019 election timetable we shall update this page

How to register for NYSC Batch A 2019

I have written a comprehensive guide on how to register for the 2019 nysc batch program

Please have it in mind that registration is not yet on, all we just put down here are just speculation and predicted because of the 2019 election which is coming up almost the same time the national youth service Corp are known to mobilize PCM.

We will like to hear your view, if you have any information you like others to know about please use the comment box to share it.

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