Procedures to get your Npower Laptop and Devices for 2016 & 2017 Volunteers

Npower Laptop and Devices for 2016 & 2017 Volunteers, recently Volunteers across the 774 Local Government Area have started receiving their Laptop and Devices, here I will show you how you can get your Laptop and Devices as Npower Volunteer.

The Federal Government empowerment programme, (Npower) has developed into a new stage to continue the allocation of Npower Device to beneficiaries of the scheme.  The collection and giving away sophisticated device to npower successful beneficiaries to improve their skills is real and ongoing as we speak.

Those successful beneficiaries that have not collected their devices or laptop, what are you waiting for hurry now to get your device or laptop right in your hands to enable you improve more in your N-knowledge (N-software and N-hardware) skill/programme.

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Recently, N-Creative beneficiaries are now getting their laptops and devices. According to Npower Support Team, each device is fitted with software & content that will help beneficiaries as Animators, Scriptwriters, Illustrator/Graphic Designers, Voice-Actors & Post Production Managers. With N-Power, we are building a Knowledge based economy.

For this laudable programme, I am sure that after the training, the beneficiaries will possess the right skills to develop our creative industry. This is impressive and I commend the Federal Government for going to this extent of providing tools for the N-Creative beneficiaries and Npower volunteer 2016, 2017 and 2018 beneficiaries.

Complains by Volunteers that have not allocate their Npower Laptop and Devices

Despite the happiness in some n-creative beneficiaries faces, some existing members expresses their feelings that they have not gotten their gadgets/device

Good for the N- Creative beneficiaries because  it will aid their animation exercises skills  but things needs to be done accordingly in this country 2017 beneficiaries have waited and worked for too long no devices given to them.

The existing beneficiaries are yet to receive their gadgets whatsoever so as to participate effectively in the IBM JUMPSTART Competition. Does it mean that you’re giving our the Batch B gadgets to others in another department who just got signed up?

Reply from Npower Laptop and Devices Collection Team

Let us explain, N-Power Creative Beneficiaries applied in 2016. So if we are going by semantics, they were ahead of you. N-Power will deliver on every promise. You have to believe that good things will come to you.

Procedures to get your Npower Laptop and Devices for 2016 & 2017 Volunteers for N-Creative beneficiaries

  1. First visit your training centre
  2. Present your mode of identification as N-Creative Beneficiary or member
  3. Go select your choice of laptop or device loaded with tools for easy npower creative learning

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Procedures to get your Npower Laptop and Devices for 2016 & 2017 Volunteers

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