2019 Survey for Npower Beneficiaries | Application & Registration

The 2019 Survey is for Npower Batch A beneficiaries in the thirty-six states and FCT, it is a obligatory process for all beneficiaries to fill the form on online through the opened link. Read for more specifics and how to process it.

Is the 2019 Survey for Batch A Beneficiaries?

Presently, the Npower team is piloting a survey for the 2016 beneficiaries to collect information that will help them improve the N-Power Programme, many of these beneficiaries have received SMS message to take part in the survey.

Though, some beneficiaries possibly will have not received the bulk SMS sent by N-Power and are disorganized of what to do and also others who have received the SMS and are cynical of filling the form.

The SMS about the Survey led out to N-Power beneficiaries is reliable from N-Power team, is not a rip-off as described by others.

Please be informed that, the mobile number demanded while filling the survey form is the number you used during your N-Power application process or rather the number you use to login to your npvn profile.

Process of Filling the 2019 Survey Form

  • The Form is expected to be filled and submitted on or before 25th July 2019.
  • You can use your smartphone or computer to fill the survey form.
  • Fill the form carefully and make sure you do not lie on your achievements during the course of your service because it may probably affect you in other ways.
  • Every part of the survey form with red asterisk * is compulsory to be filled.
  • Fill here via http://bit.Iy/2xETru6

Latest on N-Power July 2019 Stipend/Payment

July 2019 stipends for 2016/2017 N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, N-Tech and N-Tax Beneficiaries will start receiving their payment as from August 1st to 5th 2019. Just be calm you will receive your payment as soon as possible within the scheduled date. check HERE

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