Latest informs on 2019 N-Power Transition – Why the NPVN Transition page is on Hold

2019 NPVN Transition page on Hold – Many are concerned about the Npower Transition page which was displayed on beneficiary’s dashboard for 48hrs and later removed. This article will give you a guide and latest informs concerning this issue and open to you when it will appear again for you to select your transition path.

I will state to you why the Transition NPVN page  was removed from N-Power Volunteer Network (NPVN) portal. Please Note that, the 2019 N-Power Transition  is for Beneficiaries of N-Teach/N-Health/N-Tax/N-Agro of the 2016 batches. As you read down, you will see more information concerning this issue.

Reason for on hold NPVN Transition page

Questions have been ased by many beneficiaries why the NPVN Transition page was removed, the main point here is that the page is still being prepared. Most structures were only tested and yet to have the full package, this is to better the entrepreneur’s spirit of volunteers who will exit the programme for new intakes.

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What is the Npower Transition Page

The Npower Transition dashboard is a web page created on N-Power Beneficiaries (N-Power Volunteer Network) (NPVN) team to enable Volunteers selects a path to prepare them for the next life after N-Power Programme. If you login now, your program page will pop up, not all beneficiaries can access the page though the page tittles is available but notifications on when to activate your page will be communicated to all beneficiaries soon.

Dear volunteers,there’s a new information on our npower portal.Kindly login and do the necessary. You are to choose between

  • To become a SANEF AGENT
  • Start a business with GEEP LOAN of 100,000
  • Become a Teacher
  • Start a farm/Expand your farm
  • Become a field Data Agent
  • Become a community police man

How Beneficiaries of Npower can participate for Npower Transition through NPVN page

Participate successfully for Npower Transition Programme login via, then click the N-Power Transition Page to select their prefer path.

Transition Features in your Dashboard.

This features displayed on beneficiaries dashboard are for them to choose their own transition path after exiting the program. These programs are:

  1. Become a SANEF Agent (Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility)

With 50,000 Naira you can begin your journey in Entrepreneurship as a SANEF

  1. Start a Business with a GEEP Loan

100,000 Naira Loan to enable you begin a business in your community

  1. Become a Teacher

Teach as a School teacher in your community.

  1. Start a Farm / Expand your Farm

Begin farming and start feeding the nation.

  1. Become a Field / Data Agent

Work as an Agent for a Bank, Research Agency or Consumer Goods company. Join the community collection

  1. Become a Community Policeman

Join the Police force to secure and protect your community

Why Npower Transition NPVN page removed

Some messages we receive claims that the ‘N-Power Transition’ has been removed from the NPVN Portal. The page is was test run and some lapses were noticed I terms of the various paths to give to volunteers. The area of start up capital was insufficient and call for review so as the community police recruitment which needs to be approved by the police service commision. All this made us withdraw the page and ask for patient from the volunteers. Beneficiaries will be Inform when it is set.

Meanwhile, volunteers who are yet to click on it are advised to wait till further notice from Npower support team.But we are hoping by November, 2019 it will be online for you to select your path of transition.

All Npower Beneficiaries should note that:

‘N-Power Transition’ is just a Test-Phase for those that saw it earlier and it will be back as soon as the technology solutions company handling N-Power volunteers’ NPVN is done with it upgrading.

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