Update on GEEP Loan and Field Data Agent Path in N-Power Transition

Update on GEEP Loan and Field Data Agent Path in N-Power Transition – This article is all about the N-Power GEEP Loan and Field Data Agent that appeared on the dashboard of the 2016 Npower beneficiaries. Before this inclusion, we discussed about four options in the N-Power transition path to our beloved readers last week; now in this column, we will discuss the other two options which are GEEP Loan and field Data Agent. Let’s get started.

N-Power Transition to business owner/GEEP Loan and Field data agent

This path is about becoming your own boss, starting a business in your community with 100,000 Naira GEEP loan that N-Power will offer you to begin business if you select this path.

What is the N-Power GEEP Loan?

The GEEP loan is a component under the NSIP Programme. It is a Federal Government Micro-credit intervention that provides affordable loans to small and micro businesses of up to 100,000 Naira

N-Power Transition Field/Data Agents:

This option enables you work as a Field Data Agent for banks, research agency or Consumer Goods Company.

Who are field data agents?

In a simple term, field data agents are people who collects data/information and insights to link companies with their customers. This field data agent work can be done physically or digitally.

Some of the N-Power volunteers have worked as field agents before through a firm called Mobile Forms and also N-Power used some volunteers to collect data as TraderMoni and MarketMonie agent/enumerators. These are some instances of field data agent work.

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