Latest informs on N-Power 2019 October Payments by N-Power Support Team: Latest information reaching us, says that the N-Power support Team has fixed dates for payments of 2019 October Stipends/Salary to Beneficiaries. Read down for more details.

Finally, smiles will be put on the faces of Volunteers as the N-Power Support Team has announced when they will pay 2019 October Stipends/Salary to Beneficiaries across the Federation. Beneficiaries wail over unpaid October stipends, but with this announcement, they will smile again. This article concerns all the N-Power categories of N-Power Teach, N-Power Agro, N-Power Health and N-Power Tax across the Federation.

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N-Power Teach 2019 October Stipends/Salary Payment

N-Power Agro 2019 October Stipends/Salary Payment

N-Power 2019 October Stipends/Salary Payment

N-Power Health 2019 October Stipends/Salary Payment

N-Power Tax 2019 October Stipends/Salary Payment

We are aware many are feeling the pain for the delay of 2019 October Stipends; many find it difficult to go to Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) may be due to transportation issues. We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences it might cause you. But we assure that your monthly will get to you soonest.

Updates on N-Power Payment of October Stipends/Salary

The N-Power Support Team has apologized to all Beneficiaries about the delay in the payment of October stipends.

The Team explained that the delay was due to some technical issues, in a statement released on its website as quoted:

“Dear N-Power Beneficiaries,

“We apologize that you are yet to receive your October stipend. We have some technical issues but you will begin to receive your stipends from Friday 22 2019.

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Meanwhile, The Federal Government on Sunday said it spent N360 billion in two years to pay 500,000 graduates under its N-Power scheme.

Federal Government said, We have given 2.2 million people N10,000 each through our TraderMoni policy. These are people who have small businesses that may need between N1,000, N2,000 or more to be able to move from Point A to Point B.

We have given 522,000 people N50,000 and above as MarketMoni. We are also feeding 9.9 million children in 7,000 schools in 33 states.

There is N400 billion estimated in our budget for 2020 before the National Assembly and we hope they are going to pass it. So, we are looking for a more robust engagement next year,”

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