Updates on N-Power 2019 November/December Stipends for N-Power Teach/Agro/Health/Tax

This is to inform all Beneficiaries of N-Power about the 2019 November/December Stipends/Salary Payment for N-Power Teach/Agro/Health/Tax. See stipulate date for Payments below.

We have good news for you. All the backlog payment of October, November and December will get to you as said by the Minister. Your payments will be once all together including October, November and December. So be calculating 90,000 for October, November and December Stipends.

All this outstanding will be cleared on 20th December, 2019. This latest update is coming from the Minister’s Twitter account.

Check here:  https://twitter.com/sadiya_farouq

Read carefully information given by the Minister

The Ministry is currently engaging the NSIP Cluster Heads for clarifications; in essence, the Handover and Taking process for these two (2) programmes is still ongoing.

The Home Grown Feeding Programme, which is also a cluster of the NSIP has continued to run smoothly since its transfer to the Ministry. Except for the four states that were submitted during my absence and this has already been treated.

The @FMHDSD reaffirms its commitment to ensuring that beneficiaries of all the Social Investment Programmes access interventions designed for them within the stipulated guidelines.

Information reads, also been working on a transition program for those that are progressing out of N-Power — after their 24months in the program have elapsed. Alongside this, we are preparing to receive a new intake of participants in the program, who will then participate for 24 months.

According to the Minister, Since we came into office, we have been working on a needs and numbers-based assessment of NPower to reposition it for the future — in order to ensure that the high expectations of young Nigerians that are participating in the program are met in the short, medium and long-term.

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