Details of Meeting between Umar Faroug Sadiya and Heads N-Power and NSIP – Read details here

The Honorable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, earlier today been the 16th December 2019 had an intense meeting with the heads of the N-Power Programme and National Social Investment Programme (NISP), to discuss issue concerning the welfare of N-Power and NSIP programmes.

The meeting lasted for several hours; we wish to bring to your notice the outcome of the meeting. Read below to see more details.

National Social Investment Programme (NSIP)

Africa’s Largest National Social Investment Programme (NSIP) is the biggest and largest in the black continent, the new minster assured that, accountability and transparency will be used to run the program.

The program has a numerical strength close to 500,000 volunteers, helping the nation to pursue her dream of becoming a power to reckon with among the committee of nations, she twitted.
In a related development, she argued that, more structural organization and reform need to be in place for a rapid response. But declined by the special adviser on Social Investment, insisting that the program is already reformed.

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As part of her my efforts to properly structure the Social Investment Programmes in Nigeria, I am meeting with NSIP cluster heads. Earlier today, I met with N-Power and National Social Safety Nets Project. At the meeting were Mr. Afolabi and other heads of the N-Power programme. The meeting lasted several hours and I wish to bring some of its finding here for all to read.

Outlines and Discussions in the Meeting

The following below are outlines and discussion of the meeting with the minister, read below carefully:

Payment of Stipends – We are aware of December stipends not paid to batch B as well as the October 2019 stipends not paid to Batch A, this has been noted and all stipends will be paid before this Month runs out.

Transition For Batch A Beneficiaries – We took a transition survey earlier and find out the various needs of each beneficiaries as regards the enhancement packages. We will thus open up the transition icon next week for each batch A beneficiaries to select the transition programme most suitable for him or her.

Backlog Of Stipends – all those still being owed backlog should be rest assured that they will be paid. Once the handover process is complete, we will be able to detect those still being owed and effect payments immediately.

Resignation From The Programme – we are also aware that over 3500 volunteers were either forcefully or unintentionally exited from the programme. We are seriously looking into this and at the appropriate time will come up a with a statement.

Device Arrival, Distribution And Collection – arrangement has been concluded for the last arrival of the Npower electronic devices. We will make a statement soon on when beneficiaries will be called upon to get their devices.

2020 Registration For New Intake – we earlier concluded that new intakes will be recruited into the scheme come next year. However all issues will be resolve as regards the transition of BATCH A before such online registration will commence. Please stay tuned for this.

BE REST ASSURED THAT Npower will pay all backlog and will continue to better the life of many youths in the country.


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