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Have you heard about the latest comment-to-earn website in town? Do you want to have other source of income? Do you know that you can make up to 10k plus per week at your convenient? If your answers to these questions are yes, you are at the right place; I will introduce this comment-to-earn website to you.

This new website as earlier said is a comment-to-earn website, were you comment on any of the stories there, you get paid. As you read on, I will show you more things about this website. The website address is www.classicnewsngr.com

How Classic News Forum Works

It’s a comment to earn site where members get paid or earn money while reading and commenting on news posted on the site daily.

If you registered successfully you can also perform simple task by sharing videos, posting original content articles and sharing sponsored post on their timelines to get paid

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How to register for classic news Forum

  1. You can now register/login via www.classicnewsngr.com – Membership onetime payment fee is N1500 to register and join.
  2. Registration bonus of N100 when you register.
  3. You get N5 for every comment on news post on the site you make.
  4. You get N100 to share the site sponsored post on your Facebook timeline
  5. You get N100 if you are among the first 5 persons to comment on the sponsored post daily
  6. You get N1000 worth of airtime or 1gb of data Monthly if you are among the first 5 persons to answer our monthly quiz.

How do I get paid through Referral?

  1. You get a whooping N1000 when you refer someone through your username/link to join the site.
  2. Referral is not compulsory for payment.

When do I get paid?

  • You make withdrawal request every Fridays and get Paid every Sundays.
  • Referral earnings will be paid every 28th day of the month.
  • Classic news Forum don’t change rules and no story, no hassles or delays in payments.

How classic news Forum earns money to pay me

Let’s make it clear to our viewers; some will wonder how classic news Forum earns money to pay after commenting/login on their site. Yes it’s obvious that classic news Forum makes money through Google Adsense monthly, you can browse about Google Adsense on your internet and see how to make money through it.

It’s so easy…Register/Join classic news Forum now and make cool money at the convenient of your home.

Good Luck

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