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Reports by the media that the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, popularly known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo was denied entry visa into the United States is not true.

Some online and mainstream media reported that the Bishop was denied a visa at the US embassy, and that he created a scene there. But the Chairman, Editorial and Media Board of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Prof. Sheriff Folarin, discredited the report in a briefing on Friday.

As quoted by him, the Bishop was at no time denied any entry visa into the US. He also explained that Oyedepo was not at the US Embassy on Thursday.

Prof. Sheriff Folarin, in his own words as quoted, “Mainstream and online media  spaces this morning (Friday) were abuzz with the news that Bishop David Oyedepo was denied an entry visa to the United States on Thursday, January 30, 2020. We wish to put it on record and categorically submit that this piece of information is not true. At no time was the Bishop denied a visa, nor did he create a scene at the US consulate in Lagos, as purported by some mainstream and online newspapers”.

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The Prof as continued, “The Bishop renewed his visa, last year, without any initial denial or drama, or scene. The Bishop was not at the Embassy or Consulate yesterday or even anytime this year. Bishop has been in Canaanland all this week. The last time he applied for a visa, which was last year, he was issued without delay.”

According to him (Prof), US Embassy had denied the reports, and he has urged journalists to verify their facts before publishing.

He added, “We have contacted the US Embassy and they are as surprised as we are about this FAKE NEWS, which some media houses decided to spread.

Also speaking, he said: “We encourage the Nigerian media to always follow the line of due diligence before rushing to press and try to at least reach the church from time to time, whenever items try to pass through the rumour mill. Professionalism and wisdom require this so as to maintain integrity and make the media trusted in society, particularly in this age that fake news has become the news”.

“Bishop Oyedepo is a good friend of the US government and has a very good relationship with US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria. He is a social entrepreneur, who has touched so many lives in Nigeria, Africa, United States and all around the world.”

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