Labour on Minimum wage: We’re not satisfied with states

President of the Negotiating Council of the Joint National Public Service of Trade Union, AbdlRauf Adeniji, on Thursday said labour is not satisfied with the implementation of the new minimum wage of N30,000 in states, noting that only five states had yet to begin negotiation.

He said this in an event held in Abuja at the launching of the Nurses Now Campaign, Adeniji, who is the president of the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives, said the council met in Bayelsa State to discuss several labour matters and that the leadership would meet again to review implementation in states.

As quoted by him, “We just concluded the minimum wage negotiation but operations and regulations in public service must also conform to the minimum wage. That was not discussed on the negotiating table but we used the opportunity to discuss it in Bayelsa, it will be discussed in our next meeting”.

He also continued saying that information received from their representatives in states, many of the state governments have complied. The remaining five states have set up negotiation committees but they are yet to commence negotiation or move as we want.

According to Adenji, eighteen states have begun implementation and the rest have also completed negotiation. We are not satisfied with the implementation so far until everyone is captured

Issues also raised in the meeting in Bayelsa, was issues concerning the management of pension fund and high rate of housing scheme which had become unaffordable for workers.

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