Money Rituals and kidnapping are promoted in Nollywood Movies – Fashola

Nollywood is one of the entertainment industry in Nigeria, it has brought joy and sorrow to many, it has created some implication in the lives of many Nigerians today since its inception.

It is of no doubt that one of the common themes used in Nollywood movies is money rituals. Some of the stories could be entertaining or tragic, especially with the mystical manipulations embedded in them.

During the week in a fourth annual public lecture/symposium organized by the United Action for Change, themed, ‘Security of citizens as a social contract’, the Minister of Works and Housing and former governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, who was the guest speaker, requested moviemakers to stop telling such stories, because, according to him, money ritual is a myth.

Details of Fashola’s Lecture

According to him (Fashola), he said that the belief system, reinforced through Nollywood movies, could be fuelling kidnapping, given the number of persons the police have arrested with human skull and other body parts, with the motive of money ritual.

The lecture was titled, ‘Insecurity: Taking actions against organized crime’, he also said it was high time moviemakers and policymakers changed the narrative, to save innocent lives from being wasted.

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Fashola said, “Some people believe that if you get a man’s head or a woman’s body parts, they could be turned into money. It’s not true! And when you ask people who believe in it if they have seen it happen before, they tell you someone said they had seen it”.

He continued, “However, it has become a reinforced belief through entertainment, social media and Nollywood. How can human head bring money? Money is paper invented by man, not God. They put the paper in a machine to print what we call money and that is the only place money comes from”.

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“But the challenge is the belief system. Just think about how many people have been missing – through kidnapping – because some people believe that it exists. The police could tell us the number of people they have apprehended with human parts, such as skulls. This belief system must go”.

“Therefore, all of us, including those who make the films, must reverse the story and start selling a new story that money is printed in a machine and not through any other way like money rituals.”

He also faulted the fears that engulfed the populace last year when there were reports that cyber fraudsters were stealing women’s pants to make money.

Fashola said, “It is not true, or how does that happen? What is the connection between paper (money) and cotton (pants) or has anybody seen cotton money before? Those of us who have influence and authority must take positions to see to the reversal of this kind of beliefs.”

Well readers, it up to you to see reasons with the Minister or not. Make your own comments on this.

Thank you.

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