State Police not needed on Biafra Land – MASSOB

On Sunday February 09, 2020,  the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) said that they are not interested in the state police as planned by the Inspector General of Police, Muhammed Adamu.

MASSOB Director of Information, Sunday Okereafor, said Biafra already had a security outfit in the mode of the recently launched Amotekun, insisting that the setting up of state police was needless in the South East.

Okereafor criticized the directive from the IGP to Commissioners of Police across the country to liaise with traditional rulers to begin the process of establishing state police.

Okereafor’s Speeches

According to him, “We don’t want state police; we, MASSOB, are already on the ground. We have a lot of Biafran groups and for 20 years, some of them have been existing. In Niger Delta, they have Avengers, they have MEND.

“So, it is wrong for the IGP to say that the police should liaise with traditional rulers with a view of forming state police. We don’t want it that way because the police are corrupt.

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“How would a Nigerian corporal help the secure the states? The fact is that we don’t want state police; what we want is Biafra. You can see that Amotekun has begun in the South West, the North has also begun its own security outfit. But we started 20 years ago to tell the world that we want Biafra.

“We have MASSOB security and we don’t want community policing. The IG should channel his energy to the North East and North Central, where we have Boko Haram attacks.”

On how ready his group is to secure the South East, Okereafor added, “We already have our security uniform; it is blue in colour with the emblem of a rising star. MASSOB has police, but we don’t carry guns and we are non-violent.

“We launched our security uniform since 2010. The Government of Nigeria knows that we have a uniform.”

He, however, told traditional rulers in the South East to forget being part of the proposed establishment of state policing, adding that the people of the region will not support them and the initiative.

“Some traditional rulers in the South East are corrupt and not worthy to be part of any security set-up in the region. A traditional ruler goes to Government House in his state to get money.

“But in Igboland, our traditional rulers are expected to stay in their palace and wait for governors to visit them, pay them homage and not the other way round. In Igboland, a monarch should be paid by the community he rules.

“Some of the monarchs are corrupt. We don’t want them and we reject them as we reject community policing. It is not right for traditional rulers to go to the airport to receive a governor. Governors go to pay homage to traditional rulers and that is how it should be,” Okereafor stressed.

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