FG should consider permanency for all N-Power 2016/2017 beneficiaries

The Federal Government of Nigeria initiative to establish the National Social Investment Program (NSIP) has been commended from time to time and the program has not only yielded the set goals but has directly and indirectly curb unemployment and stabilize social security in a relative manner.

Yes, upon the creation of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, the ministry mandate then captured the NSIP scheme which has N-Power as the major program. The ministry is been headed by Hajia Sadiya Umar Farouq, who is the Honourable Minister of the ministry.

In recent time, and truthfully, the 2016 batch of N-Power scheme has exhausted their agreed time signed with them back then in 2018, but the political nature of the country failed to favor the federal government from disengaging them then, owing to the general election approaching then, and it will definitely be a political suicide if President Muhammad Buhari shut the door on them by disengaging them.

Why FG should consider permanent employment for N-Power 2016 beneficiaries

When are we then going to put all the stakeholders in one place and feed them the gravity of their disengagement on the social security of the society? And as well made them realize that, the token been given to the beneficiaries as stipend means a lot on the economic activities of their respective society, and serve as the last resort means of life and family sustainability for many of those beneficiaries.

But why do Federal government not even seat down and ask how we are in this pitiable situation of unemployment? The NSIP program is having close to 500,000 people, where does the federal government want to offload them to?

What does it cost Federal Government to covert the N-Teach to permanent federal government teachers? Is there any meaningful exit package that can make up to the regular salary payment other than a permanency from the Federal government?

Hope the Federal government knows that, giving the beneficiaries permanent job will further reduce crime rates, robbery and some other social vices threaten the peaceful coexistence of our society?

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