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The N-Power Transition is back on; this is to enable beneficiaries of the 2016 N-Power Batch to select a path for them, which will be beneficial to them when they exit the scheme.

Hope you are aware that N-Power Volunteers will be used as Community Police Special constable will be reality, but how soon this will be? Few days ago, N-Power grants their volunteers the opportunity to select a path in the N-Power transition phase which Community Police was among the option listed.

Though the transition page has been taken down from the NPVN Portal, Volunteers are optimistic that the transition page will soon be restored to enable them select a path.

From the discussion volunteers are having regarding the transition path, it has come to our notice that most volunteers who made selections before the page was removed selected Community Police and Class Teacher.

Login here, http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/login

This article about N-Power 2020 Transition to Community Policing/Class Teacher will keep you informed about the position you selected.

A special constable or special police constable (SC or SPC) which we understand that N-Power volunteers are going in for, is generally an auxiliary or part-time law enforcement officer position.

Many police departments are complemented by a Special Constabulary which are referred to as special constables or informally as “specials”. Special constables hold full police powers and hold the office of constable. Historically, and in different contexts, special constables have been paid or volunteer members of an ad hoc reserve force or a permanent auxiliary, and have ranged from unarmed patrols to armed paramilitaries.

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