Procedures of participating in the 2020 N-Power Agro Validation Exercise via new link for Beneficiaries | See more

In this publication, we are going to show you (N-Power Agro Beneficiaries) on the processes and procedures in partaking in the 2020 N-Power Validation Exercise for Agro Beneficiaries.

You will be given steps on how to fill the form via online and do the registration successfully. This exercise is both for Batch A and B Beneficiaries of the N-Power Agro scheme. See more details here.

2020 N-Power Agro Validation Exercise

By now, most beneficiaries of the N-Power Agro Scheme have heard about the 2020 Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development Agency N-Power Agro Validation Registration for N-Power Agro Beneficiaries across the 36 States in Nigeria, and some have not heard, but now I am informing all that the exercise is still ongoing, register and participate in the programme.

Check: 2020 N-Power Agro FMARD Agency Validation Survey Form for Batch A&B Beneficiaries

Some recent questions asked by Beneficiaries, are like this;

“Good day ma/sir, I am one of the npower agro volunteer batch B,for quite long I have been filling this npower agro survey form but whenever I register, it will show me that the email has already been taken. What may be the problem? Thanks.”

All these questions are answered below,

Those who receive the email and those who haven’t received mail can fill form online. If you are among those who got the mail and the link in your email box, but it has expired, don’t worry. A new link is out for you.

Requirements to Partake in the Exercise

  1. Must be an N-Power Agro beneficiary
  2. Have a working android device

Procedures to Partake in the Exercise

To register or participate in the FMARD Survey exercise for N-Power Agro Beneficiaries, visit:

Note: If you have registered before through the link sent to your email, you do not need to register again.

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