Successful Enumerator Test result checker for 2020 N-Power Validation Registration | Check here

This exercise is for Beneficiaries who are or have participated in the ongoing N-Power Validation Registration process that is online now. Read more details below.

A link will be sent to beneficiaries on how they can participate in the Enumerator Test through FMARD/PACE Portal.

On successful Registration, you will receive this kind of message:

Re: National Agriculture Assets Survey.

Following your successful complain of the Enumerator test, we are pleased to notify you that you have been enrolled as an Enumerator in the Agriculture for food and Jobs Plan (Afjp) to participate in a nationwide farmer/farm enumeration exercise over the next 10 days.

Should you accept to participate in this exercise as an Enumerator, you will be deployed within 24 hours. Your master Trainer will be communicated, who will be your supervisor throughout the exercise.

As an AFJP Enumerator, you are required to work under the supervision of your assigned master trainer to identify and register farmer and their farms in your assigned ward using the designated ODK collected App on the use of which you were trained.

FMARD/PACE has Congratulate everyone who successfully scaled the test assessment. You will receive an email informing you that you have been enrolled. Congratulations once again. Well done.

Some have been asking how I can apply. To participate in the FMARD Survey, visit:

Some good news for those who are interested for the FMARD PACE registration, FMARD/PACE is rescheduling tests.

If you are qualified and interested, register on the website.

  1. You will receive an email from us. That email qualifies you for the test.
  2. Links sent by email are personal to the receiver and can’t be shared.
  3. Tests will be active after your successful registration
  4. Haven’t received an email, check your junk email.
  5. Testing will be on a rolling basis. Register on the website and wait for communication from us.

How to check for 2020 N-Power Validation Registration successful Enumerator Test result

  • Check your mail for a link HERE
  • follow the instruction correctly

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