Latest News on Disengagement of Batch A N-Power Beneficiaries – A Must Read

There has been news going round about disengagement of 500,000 Batch A N-Power Beneficiaries by the Federal Government. Read details below.

If you are a beneficiary of the N-Power Scheme and have heard about this news, you have to read this publication. After reading this article, am sure your fears will be gone.

Now you will see reactions from the FG and N-Power officials and what they said concerning the N-Power 500,000 beneficiary disengagement from scheme.

Question raised by one Beneficiary Salisu Bulama

One of the beneficiaries raised a question to the N-Power Officials saying “I have heard rumors going round about the exits of Batch A Volunteers, how true is this?

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Salisu Bulama Statement

According to Salisu Bulama an N-Power Beneficiary, he said: Thank you N-Power for all your effort for the benefits of beneficiaries. We really appreciate and may God bless you.

Please N-Power, how true is the rumors circulating in the social media channels that soon Federal Government is going to disengage all N-Power beneficiaries? We were very shocked for hearing this news, because apart from N-Power, we have no any good source of income. Please N-Power, do not disengage us.

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If you disengage us, we have no way of getting any employment. Because most of us (N-Power beneficiaries) are the children of nobody and we have no one to stand for us. And if you disengage us, you really contributed to the increment of unemployment rate in the country and most of the beneficiaries are going to fall into a trouble that may lead to cause them into stealing, robbery, kidnapping and much other unwanted behaviour. Please, please, please N-Power do not disengage us. Say no to disengagement.

Thanks for your time.”

Reply by the N-Power Support Team

We always make post here on such issues, but we haven’t made any post to that effect.
Please disregard that information.

So if you have fears and panic about FG and N-Power Officials disengaging or sacking you from the programme, I hope with this inform you can now calm you mind and continue with your work.

When there is need for that, Federal Government of Nigeria and N-Power officials will make it known via public announcement on television, Newspaper publication, social media and even NOBLINKS.

Stay safe and calm

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