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Letters of success in the online test conducted for those that participated in the ongoing FMARD N-Power Validation Registration has been released to successful participants known as Enumerators. See more details below.

Are you among those that participated in the on-going FMARD N-Power Validation Registration and have successfully taken part in the online Test? Have you seen your FMARD N-Power Enumerators result? Do you want to know how to check your FMARD N-Power Letter for Shortlisted Enumerators?

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FMARD N-Power Validation Letter for Successful Enumerators for successful Beneficiaries who has successfully participated in the Enumerator’s Test has been released to them, the Validation Letter will be sent to you via email used during the registration.

Once you receive your message, you are to upload your passport and Identification Card (ID card) through the provided link by the team.  Those who received this message will upload their passport and ID card via online immediately to print out their Letters.

Note: If you have not received any mail, you will soonest. We advise you keep checking your Email INBOX or SPAM BOX folders.

Next stage will make you a VALID surveyor.

Congratulations to all successful Enumerators

Beneficiaries yet to register for the 2020 FMARD N-Power Validation Registration Survey, hurry now and do so via this link and complete the online form to begin you test.

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