N-Power Batch C Recruitment: 10 Errors to avoid during your Online Registration

This publication is to enlighten all prospective applicants for the N-Power Batch C registration on errors to avoid during their application process, see more.

The 2016 N-Power registration had a lot of error that made some of the beneficiaries not to be paid for months, some ended up exiting the programme without been paid. In this new intake, we will list out some errors that you will need to avoid during online registration.

Your predecessors (N-Power 2016 Applicants) made lots of mistake and we have learnt from it that is why we are here to guide you.

10 Errors to avoid during N-Power Online Registration

  • Avoid typing in wrong BVN: Make sure you use correct BVN during online registration. To confirm, your BVN, dial *565*0# using the phone number you used in registering your BVN in the bank.
  • Be Consistence in filling your records/forms online: Let your name be consistence with your BVN, Document or Means of Deification. For example if you BVN or ID says; Samuel Ojukwu Onu, don’t change it to Ojukwu Samuel Onu. Do not put your first name in place of surname as it will cause in-correspondence of details. Let the name correspond with the one in your BVN and documents or credentials.
  • Wrong Email address, phone number and avoid the use of cyber café Email address: Create new Email address with password that you can remember. We advise you use GMAIL (GOOGLE MAIL). Cyber café email address is not your Email, therefore create your own.
  • Avoid Using wrong date of birth: Let the date of birth correspond. Use the date of birth you have been using in your school days which appears in your credentials as it will be checked at the long run.
  • Do not upload Blurred images of passport and Document: Uploading blurred images of documents and passport photograph makes it difficult for you to be selected as it is seen as a sign of not being serious.
  • Avoid the use of poor network during registration: If your network is not strong in your area, relocate to a place where there will be stable network or try another network.
  • Multiple Registration/Application: Applying twice creates room for disqualification. Do not apply for more than once.
  • Avoid the use of Fake/False credentials/ Document (edited document): Do not try to out-smart the official bodies handing the registration, there will be a physical verification of all credentials. Do not change or correct anything in your document and don’t edit another person’s own to become yours. Believe in yourself and use what you have.
  • Late Registration Online Registration is a 50:50. Do not wait till the last day before you start applying for the recruitment exercise. Most times, data have been collected a day before closing date. So register fast.
  • Avoid Rushing During Registration: Calm down and fill your forms correctly, do not rush because any mistake made cannot be corrected and can also lead to rejection of applicants.

Key Facts to know during N-Power Registration Batch C

  • If you are a beneficiary of Batch A and Batch B, do not apply as your BVN will disqualify you since is still in the system.
  • Use every detail you can defend and be very cautious while applying. Let the Account Details be your own. There would be a time when it will be very difficult to change the account details, so avoid the error from now.
  • Crosscheck everything before you submit as every error will be considered your mistake as time goes by.
  • Apply within the range of certificate you have and not by exaggeration.
  • You are required to choose only one category during the registration process.

How to register for N-Power Batch C Recruitment 2020

Interested and intending applicants should click https://npower.fmhds.gov.ng/signup to apply

Good Luck to you all

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