News Update: Payment of June/July N-Power Stipends for Exiting Batch A and B Beneficiaries | See details

This article is all about payment of stipends/salary to the exiting Batch A and B Beneficiaries of the N-Power Scheme, which have raised many questions, if it will be paid before the exit, continue reading.

Many of the beneficiaries of the exiting batches have been asking questions to know if they will be paid their Stipends according to their exit periods, because Batch A and B will exit June and July 2020 respectively.

In this article, you find the answers you seek, as you continue reading, you will see what the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development has said concerning this issue.

The Ministry is set to exit both batches of N-Power beneficiaries by June and July consecutively, and they will be paid alongside the transit to the said Government entrepreneurship scheme.

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Latest Update on 2020June/July N-Power Stipends Payment

It is likely that the Batch A beneficiaries will receive their June stipends since the exit is fixed for 30th June 2020 because N-Power had not mentioned the stoppage of payment of stipends yet.

As for Batch B Beneficiaries, their June and July stipends payment is sure since they will remain in the programme till July 31, 2020.

As regards to N-Power payment crisis, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs has stated that there are about 12,000 N-Power Beneficiaries affected and all measures are in place to see that those affected backlogs are cleared.

N-Power on its twitter handle stated that to Batch A and B beneficiaries have seen their questions on the exit plan, backlogs, and devices. In the following days, these issues will be addressed individually.

Process of Resolving Backlog Payment issues

Before you start any step, you need to login to your dashboard to check your status

If you are yet to be paid your March & April stipends, follow the instructions listed carefully.

  1. Send ONE email to
  2. Title the email – Unpaid March and April stipends
  3. Email should include
    a. State of Residence
    b. Name
    c. PPA
    d. NPVN no

It is important that you follow the instructions carefully.

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