It is of notice that most of the N-Power FMARD Enumerators have not been paid despite their massive work they have carried out from June 4th till date, in this post, we will give you guide and processes on how you can get paid. See details below.

If you are an Enumerator of the N-Power FMARD PACE and you have not been paid, read this article, it will guide you on your payment update.

If you have not been paid your monthly salary by FMARD, don’t panic, ensure you read this article to calm yourself.

For you to be paid your FMARD PACE salary, I advise you read these contents very carefully.

Note: In light of some of the fraudulent activities noticed by FMARD, you are required to upload credible data to ensure transparency. Enumerators who fail to do this will be blacklisted from the programme and will not be paid.

And also note that if you have not participated in the FMARD Test, ensure you do so in order for you to be paid your FMARD Salary.

It is also noticed that some enumerators have been providing false farmers/farm information from the field that is they produce information of farms that do not exist, so as to meet up their personal survey target.

If you are caught doing this, you will be blacklisted and all data you have collected will be expunged from the N-Power FMARD PACE Database. Be warned!!!

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N-Power FMARD Payment

The N-Power FMARD PACE pays each Enumerator Five Hundred Naria (N500) per survey. Each farmer’s record you collect successfully, you are paid Five Hundred Naria (N500) for it.

How to get paid for N-Power FMARD PACE

For you to get paid, you need to follow the below steps

  1. You must have received the On-Boarding Message from FMARD
  2. Ensure that you have update your bank detail on your dashboard
  3. Ensure you BVN is correct
  4. Ensure that all the farmers data you collect are real and you can have a proof for them
  5. Submit your survey after each collection and ensure it has been submitted before you closing each survey form.

More about 2020 N-Power FMARD Payment

Payment of all FMARD beneficiaries has not started yet, the board is still collecting beneficiaries payment details and verifying them. Also the delay in your FMARD payment will be as a result of incorrect survey form/details submitted by enumerators.

So if you don’t want a delay, please submit a real and accurate farmers’ survey/information


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