N-Power Transition: GEEP Loan for exited Batch A and exiting Batch B Beneficiaries

It is no longer news that Batch A and B will be exited from N-Power Scheme, and they have been assured and their hopes raised high that they will not be left handicapped at the end of their disengagement, in which Loans will be given to them. See more details below.

According to Minister for Finance, the beneficiaries will be granted GEEP Loans to boast them during the Transition period after disengagement.

As quoted by the Minister, She said “The essence of the whole idea of N-Power was that you were to be employed for two years, during the period you are developing skills and then you exit by taking a loan from GEEP to start your own business”.

These ones that have been exited have stayed for over three years and have the opportunity to apply for all of these loans that are structured and we have another batch that is coming.

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This path is about becoming your own boss, starting a business in your community with 100,000 Naira GEEP loan from Federal Government that N-Power will offer you to begin business if you select this path.

GEEP Loan for N-Power Batch A and B Beneficiaries

Some batch A & B Beneficiaries might have heard about the GEEP loan, it is one component under the NSIP Programme. The GEEP loan is a Federal Government Micro-credit intervention Scheme that provides affordable loans of up to 100,000 Naira to small and micro businesses.

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How to apply for N-Power Transition GEEP Loan

Please note: This application process is for the exited and exiting N-Power Batch A and B Volunteers respectively. Please follow these processes carefully:

  • To apply successfully, Login into you NPVN Dashboard
  • APPLY Via http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/login to get started
  • Next select programme of your choice
  • Then wait till further information from N-Power Support Team.

Note: there is no closing deadline for N-Power Transition, until the Support Team updates us.

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