2020 N-Power Recruitment: Download Past Questions and Answers for Batch C Applicants NPWR2020 here

This article contains complied past questions and answers from past N-Power test questions. These past questions and answers are for the new Batch C intake to download, read and be ready for the screening test exercise.

The past questions and answers covers both for all the N-Power categories, N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, N-Creative and N-Build Applicants.

The online test would not last more than 15-30 minute via online with your laptop or desktop system preferable.

Many have been looking forward for this article from us; here we will show you how to download it in PDF format. Get PDF File for N-Power Recruitment past Questions and Answers for Batch C Applicants NPWR2020.

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Below are some previews of how the questions look like, please carefully go through them, a link for a full download is shown below.

N-Power Community Education Questions 2017

Question 1
Was he present at the meeting? He _____ not have attended it, for he was busy repairing his computer all the time.
Select one:gg

  1. must
  2. might
  3. could
  4. should
  5. shall

Question 2
A teacher is __________ correct.
Select one:

  1. not necessary always
  2. necessary not always
  3. necessarily not always
  4. not necessarily always
  5. None of the options

Question 3
Why didn’t Tom come to the party last night? He ______ not have wanted to see me.
Select one:

  1. might
  2. would
  3. could
  4. should
  5. must

N-Power Health Questions 2017: Online Assessment Test – Part 1

Question 1
Look! The clouds are gathering. Yes, I’m afraid it ______ be pouring down soon.
Select one:

  1. must
  2. should
  3. could
  4. Might
  5. can

Question 2
Q: Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and Charles Darwin have something in common
Select one:

  1. They were all famous Artists
  2. None of the options
  3. They were all famous Poets
  4. They were all famous Scientists

Question 3:
Research has shown that sugar can contribute to all but one of the following illnesses.
Select one:

  1. hypertension
  2. tooth decay
  3. obesity
  4. typhoid
  5. diabetes

N-Power Health Past Questions 2017 – Part 2

1 The principal’s quarters are out of bounds to students. This means that the quarters are
Select one:

  1. outside the school boundary
  2. too far for students to go there
  3. None of the options
  4. not open to students
  5. for finding students

Question 2
Q: Research has shown that sugar can contribute to all but one of the following illnesses.
Select one:

  1. diabetes
  2. typhoid
  3. tooth decay
  4. hypertension
  5. obesity

Question 3
Q: Who is the current Vice-President of Nigeria?
Select one:

  1. Yemi Osinbajo
  2. None of the options
  3. Jubril Aminu
  4. Shehu Shagari
  5. Goodluck Jonathan

N-Power Recruitment Past Questions for N-Power Build 2017

Question 1
Do you have any physical disability?
Select one:

  1. Yes
  2. No

Question 2
Select one:

  1. Male
  2. Female

N-Power Recruitment Past Questions For NPower Teach 2017

Have you moved into your new house yet? Not yet. The rooms ___________.

  1. is being painted
  2. None of the options
  3. is painted
  4. are painted
  5. are being painted

Question 2: The closest government to the people is _______

  1. Federal Government
  2. United Nation
  3. local government
  4. Ward Government
  5. State Government

Question 3: Brazil is a country in

  1. South America
  2. Australia
  3. Africa
  4. Europe
  5. Asia

To download the full text of the past questions click Download N-Power past questions here

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