2020 N-Power Exited Volunteer’s Data Collection Exercise – Check your ID Number

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has ordered NSIPs s State Focal Persons to collect data of exited N-Power volunteers who are interested in the transition opportunities the Ministry is planning for them.

This update is for volunteers who are trying to get their N-Power Identification number for the N-Power data collection exercise, which will done by State Focal Person.

In the on-going data collection exercise in some states, the N-Power ID number is required for your data to be captured.

The purpose of this ID number to complete your N-Power Exited Volunteer’s Data Collection Registration Form through your Focal Person in your state.

What is N-Power ID Number?

The N-Power ID number is a number assigned to every N-Power volunteer on the npvn portal. The number comprised of beneficiary State, year of enrollment, and other short numbers as seen in the image on your profile.

Exited beneficiaries of N-Power Batch A and Batch B Scheme are to submit their Data to Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, which requires the N-Power ID number of volunteer corps.

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How To Check Your N-Power ID number

  • Click on your name at the top right side of the portal
  • A new page will pop up displaying your profile information and then you can copy your N-Power ID as shown in the image below

Benefits and Opportunities of the Data Collection

Only those who submitted their data will be captured and benefits from the Federal Government Entrepreneurship Scheme and Federal Government GEEP Loan for N-Power Batch A and B Exited Volunteers.

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The information requested that the N-Power desk officers in various LGA should communicate to the exiting beneficiaries the various opportunities that the Ministry is exploring with some MDAs, such as the CBN, and inform those that are interested to submit their email address and phone numbers to the N-Power state office within a week.

NOTE/WARNING: You are to verify from your state Focal Persons first before filling in your data in any platform/website.

All verification should be carried out in N-Power official portal npvn.npower.gov.ng


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