To register your business or company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is very easy and simple if you follow the guidelines and registration Procedures for a successful CAC Certificate Registration Online. Register now.

Have you been finding it difficult to register your Business or Company in Nigeria? Do you want to register your Business or Company with ease? If yes to all the question above, then you’re at the right place. Register your business or Company today and gain opportunities from the Federal Government.

What it takes to register your Business with CAC

  • First get your own company name
  • Next prepare the MOA
  • Now you can fill the Pre-Registration Form via CAC Portal
  • But you need to pay the Stamp Duty and Filling Fee
  • Now you have made the payment, next prepare the Scanned Copy of Your Documents
  • Finally, Submit the Original Documents
  • Cost of Setting a Company in Nigeria

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Requirements for CAC Business Registration

  1. Your proposed name of the business
  2. Your proposed objectives of the business
  3. Your business memorandum and articles of association
  4. Statement of the authorized share capital
  5. Form CAC 1, reservation and availability of name
  6. Your names and addresses of the parties (directors) incorporating the company
  7. You must has a TIN Number
  8. Two recent passport photographs of each director, including valid means of identification
  9. Statutory declaration of compliance by a legal practitioner
  10. Your name and address of the company secretary
  11. Your address of the business principal office
  12. Fillings with the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for tax purposes
  13. All other documents or fees that may be required by the commission to satisfy any law or condition

How Sign up and Login via CAC Registration Link Portal

Don’t worry to create account will not be an issue to you, all you need to do is to register and signup successfully with a strong network.

Sign up here

Create account with your accreditation details to link both accounts. Ensure the email address entered in this form is the email address you registered with at the Commission. If this has changed, kindly visit any CAC branch to update your accreditation details.

Fill all that is necessary then submit your detail to Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

Good Luck

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