2020 BVN Enrollment Exercise for FMARDPACE Farmers across the Federation – Enroll now

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) Enrollment for all FMARDPACE Farmers has commenced and will be carried out by FMARDPACE Agents throughout the Federation. Enroll and get your BVN for easy Salary payments.

A Date has been fixed for this exercise by FMARDPACE. This will help in salary payments and verification status. All Enumerators should make sure that the farmers partake in this process so as to enable them get paid as at when due.

The 2020 FMARDPACE Farmers BVN Enrollment exercise is ongoing across the 36 states of the Federation. In this article, we will give you guidelines and procedures about the FMARDPACE Framers BVN Enrollment process and also assist you with the Venue and Date of the Exercise.

About 2020 FMARDPACE Farmers BVN Enrollment

The new AFJP Guidelines, as advised by CBN requires all beneficiaries of the Movement’s Covid19 palliative to be BVN enrolled. To ensure that FMARDPACE farmers are not disqualified, they are working with NIBSS to ensure that their farmers are not left out. We will meet them where they are for the BVN Enrollment exercise.

According to FMARDPACE, in collaboration with NIBSS, we will commence a farmer BVN enrolement exercise for farmers without BVN across the nation.

This directive is not in any form to wicked FMARDPACE enumerators but to work under the directive of CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria).

As a result of that, Enumerators are please advice to mobilize their farmers, so they can receive the palliative.

Time for FMARDPACE Farmers BVN Enrollment

Below is the schedule time for the Enrollment exercise, see details

Date: 12th -16th October 2020,

Venue: ADP Centres in all LGAs

BVN Enrollment Process for FMARDPACE Farmers

FMARDPACE will be sending Agents to Enumerators wards to enroll their farmers for BVN. Interested Farmers are to meet any agents closest to you for a successful Enrollment online.

How to be paid your N-Power FMARD PACE Salary

The following procedures must be strictly adhered to, in order for you to be paid as at when due, they are as follows:

  1. You must have received the On-Boarding Message from FMARD
  2. Ensure that you have update your bank detail on your dashboard
  3. Ensure you BVN is correct
  4. Ensure that all the farmers data you collect are real and you can have a proof for them
  5. Submit your survey after each collection and ensure it has been submitted before you closing each survey form.

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