N-Power Latest Update: False Fund Grants Registration Portal

We have observed and noticed that people are spreading fake news tagged “N-Power Fund Grants” telling people that they will receive N30,000 from it, this is false information, please disregard such messages – information below will guide you.

We have received almost 20 messages about this N-Power Fund Grants from our readers and people we know; mistakenly someone sent such message to me.

Be on alert, Scammers are everywhere sending messages containing N-POWER GRANT with a link to click to receive N30, 000. Please dear readers/viewers, it is totally FAKE and not TRUE.

About N-Power Fund Grants

We published this article to create awareness to our readers/viewers to debunk such fake news and not to fall victim. Be WISE!

This article concerns the FAKE NEWS spreading in social media via whatsapp groups that is misleading our readers/viewers that N-Power is giving out grants to Nigerian Citizens to receive N30,000, and moreover a link has been created for this misled information.

Please beware of any Fake Npower Fund Grant portal, there is no news or information about N-Power telling people that they have started given grants to her Beneficiaries, shine your eyes so you don’t fall victim or get scammed.

Noblinks Team advises all her readers/viewers to stay away from false links, most especially the ones that will ask you to check to see if you have been selected to receive #30,000 as Part of N-POWER FUND GRANT. Please stay away from SMAMMERS

However, the only authentic registration about N-Power that is currently ongoing right now is the NEXIT Registration for the Exited Beneficiaries and the link is https://nexit.fmhds.cbn.gov.ng

Note: The 2020 N-Power Batch C Recruitment is still pending. Selection Process is still ongoing, shortlist of names across 36 states likely to be in 2020 or 2021 and NO successful list of applicants has been shortlisted yet. So take note so that you won’t be scammed.

See Current Grants in Nigeria

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