NYIF Loan: Invitation Message/SMS and BVN Validation Procedures for Fund Disbursements

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development (FMYSD) in collaboration with the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) and the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund scheme have commenced disbursement of Funds to successful shortlisted applicants, see details below.

Are you among those that applied for the 2020/2021 Nigerian Youth Investment Fund Loan scheme, and successfully shortlisted, this article is for you. Many applicants have received the NYIF Loan Invitation Message/SMS with a Link attached to it. Here I will give you guidelines and procedures on how to claim your NYIF Loan and steps to validate your BVN for successful Payment, continue reading…..

Recently, NYIF are sending Invitation Letter Message and SMS to all shortlisted candidates, all applicants who submitted their application Form successfully online has been receiving SMS containing invitation link to validate their BVN and attend the NYIF E-learning programme before the Loan disbursement.

NYIF Loan Team has started sending message/ SMS to all shortlisted candidates via NMFB, if you receive any message from NMFB as a Congratulatory Message concerning the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), this article is for you.

Steps to check NYIF Loan Disbursement Status

Now, let’s discuss how you can check your NYIF Loan Invitation Status for Shortlisted Applicants. An SMS will be sent to you from NMFB, as follows:

“Dear Applicant, you have been pre-qualified for the NYIF loan Programme, Kindly click on this link to apply https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/app

How to check NYIF Loan Application Status

  1. Log into your account through NYIF online portal.
  2. Input your usernames and password.
  3. Next, Scroll down and click on 2020 NYIF beneficiaries.
  4. Now download the NYIF PDF file for 2021.
  5. Search for your names.

NYIF Loan Portal BVN Activation Error Message

We have noticed that, at times you receive Error Message or the portal refuses to open after entering your BVN Number. Also, the next page refuses to open after entering the BVN number. Do not worry as it could be message from network or from the NYIF portal.

What you have to do is to keep trying.

Also, it could be that your account has not been activated or you did not receive the message before entering the BVN number.

Steps to check 2021 NYIF List of Shortlisted Candidates

  • Visit https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/app
  • Input your BVN
  • Click on Validate BVN
  • A page will display, for you to input a PASSWORD (ensure you can remember the password for further use)
  • A confirmation link will be sent to your email to activate your account
  • Then login and complete your application.

BVN validation and activation

  • Kindly visit www.nyif.nmfb.com.ng/app
  • Then input your BVN
  • Click on Validate BVN
  • Fill other details and information rightly before submission

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