N-Power Update: Process to Resolve NASIMS Portal Issues for Batch C Applicants

This article is on how to resolve all NASIMS Portal Issues for all Batch C applicants who are having difficulties on the Portal, see more details below.

Are a Batch C applicant? Are you having difficulties accessing the NASIMS Portal, in this publication, I will show you how you can resolve all these issues which are:

  • Login issues
  • BVN Validation
  • Unable to update your Profile
  • Account Block while trying to take test, etc

Some Batch C applicants of the N-Power scheme, that are in the following categories of N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Heath, N-Build, N-Creative have been complaining on severe difficulties of  issues related to NASIMS Portal. All these issues will be listed and solutions given to all.

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Note: The NASIMS Portal is mainly for N-Power Batch C applicants and the Test Process.

If you are having issues like: login issues, BVN Validation Issues, Unable to update your Profile, I try to reset my password but didn’t get the reset password email and Account Block while trying to take test. This post will assist your further.

Resolutions to all Related NASIMS Portal Issues

  1. Unable to Validate BVN

  • Applicants should ensure correct date of birth as registered with your bank BVN details
  • This could be network issues please try again
  1. Unable to update your Profile

  • This could be network issues, applicants should try again after several hours

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  1. I try to reset my password but didn’t get the reset password email

  • Applicants should wait for a few hours and try again
  • Please not that you are expected to send the reset password request just once and wait for the mail. If applicants requests for reset link multiple times, applicants should use most recent link
  • Applicants should ensure to check Spam Fold if link is not received after several hours.
  1. Account Block when trying to take test

  • Applicants are allowed for a maximum of 3 times attempts to take the online test after which test account will be locked
  • After initial 3 attempts, applicants are permitted one final attempt after 6 hours.

With these resolutions/solutions listed above, applicants would be able to resolve any issue experienced on the NASIMS Portal.

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