2021 N-Power Bio-Metric Enrollment Procedures for Batch C Applicants

N-Power Bio-metric Enrollment Procedures for N-Power Batch C Applicants: Are you among the successful shortlisted N-Power Batch C applicants, this article is for you, on the NASIMS Login. See more details below.

This article on NASIMS login will assist/guide you to gain access your NASIMS dashboard, to know if you have been shortlisted to enroll for the Bio-metrics exercise, Appointment/PPA deployment letter.

2021 NASIMS Login for N-Power Batch C Applicants

All shortlisted applicants in Stream 1&2 are requested to immediately enroll their bio-metric data to qualify for the final selection stage of the N-POWER Batch C (Stream 1&2) programme.

Login to your NASIMS Account for Bio-metrics Enrollment for successful applicants

Frequent Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions by some applicants concerning the NASIMS Portal:

How to do the Bio-metric Enrollment for Batch C Applicants

To know if you have been shortlisted for the Bio-metric Enrollment, ensure you have your Email/Application ID and password used during the online NASIMS CBT Test; kindly follow the instructions below; P

  1. Visit http://www.nasims.gov.ng/
  2. Login to your dashboard, with your “Email Address” or “Application ID” and your Password, by inserting them in the Spaces provided.
  3. Click on “Login”
  4. Click the “Verification Tab”
  5. Click the “Capture your Fingerprint” button to download and install the enrollment application, Click here to install the Bio-metric Software
  6. After installation, provide the required credentials and click “Proceed”.
  7. Make sure the Fingerprint Bio-metric device is connected, and then click on “Begin Enrollment” to launch the enrolment process.
  8. Click on the “Fingers” displayed to begin the enrollment process.
  9. Applicants are to enroll their Right thumb, Right index, Left thumb and Left index fingers only for successful enrollment
  10. After successful enrollment, click on “Submit” to save the Bio-metric enrollment.

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Note: Each finger selected must be thumb printed Four times each on the device; it goes same for all the all fingers, i.e FORTY (40) Times for the TEN (10) fingers (4×10)

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After successful Enrollment, please check the “Verification Tab” of your Self-Service Portal to confirm if the capture was successful.

For other enquiry or query, please call: 018888340 or 018888189 or send a message to support.npower@nasims.gov.ng

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