COVID-19 Loan: Process to know if your NIRSAL/CBN loan is approved or disapproved

Many complains and enquires have been lodged to the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank by Nigerians concerning the COVID-19 CBN TCF Loan application, to know if their application was approved or disapproved, see more details below.

Are you among those that applied for the COVID-19 CBN TCF Loan and did not get an approval SMS? Did you check with your BVN on the NIRSAL COVID-19 Support website and no approval message? You should first find out if your loan application was approved or not.

This article will give you clear explanations, guidelines and procedure on how to know if your online NIRSAL/CBN TCF COVID-19 loan was approve or not.

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank has reacted to the enquiries of several Nigerians that appear to be in the dark over the approval of their COVID-19 NIRSAL loan requests.

Things to note

First, you should take note of the following:

  • There is every need for you to check your status to ascertain if you are still on the right path to receiving your covid-19-support loan.
  • Before you can access the portal, you should have a profile with the platform. This means that you must have previously applied when the online registration was going on. You can only log in if you have created your profile.

Secondly, the NIRSAL Microfinance Loan will only be disbursed to those who are considered qualified applicants. Below are the steps and links that applicants need to follow to check their loan status:

  • From previous guidelines, the first step to take is to carefully go through your email address. Those who got their loan requests granted will receive emails indicating that they have been granted access to the loan. If by now, after the online application, there is still no mail to show that your loan has been approved, then it’s best to click here or visit
  • In case you can’t remember the category of loan you had applied for, the two major loan categories available are SME or Individual/Households.
  • Next, you need to verify your account by submitting your BVN. If you are lucky to have been approved for the loan, then a window will pop open showing you the amount approved for you.
  • The next thing for you to do is to claim your loan. Provide your bank details and information in the correct format. There is a space for that on the portal.
  • The final step is to locate the terms and conditions required for the loan, then read and understand every aspect of it.
  • You will also learn of the director in charge of your payment and his/her details, and the procedure for repaying the loan.

How to repay the NIRSAL/CBN TCF COVID-19 Loan

Contrary to the expectations of some applicants that the loan is non-repayable, the federal government has warned that the loan must be repaid by successful applicants.

Please note that 5% of the total funds received will be deducted before disbursement is made to you. The most important thing here is to make sure you don’t default in repayment.

The loan is to be repaid in 3 years. Since your BVN has been linked to all your accounts, if you fail to repay, the amount will be deducted monthly from your account.

Back story

In March 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), through NIRSAL Microfinance Bank, reopened its portal for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and households affected by COVID-19 to access up to N25 million, according to

This was disclosed by the Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on News Media, Bashir Ahmad, via his Twitter handle.

He tweeted, “The CBN, through @NirsalMFB introduces a stimulus package to support households and MSMEs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. An individual can access up to N25million.”

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