N-Power News: Exited Volunteers Calls for Minister Farouk Sack for owing of Five Months’ Stipends

N-Power News – Exited N-Power Volunteers of Batch A & B have called on the President Muhammadu Buhari to relief the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Sadiya Umar Farouk, of her duties over her inability to pay their stipends, see more.

The aggrieved volunteers trooped to social media demanding the termination of the appointment of Farouk for aggravating their penury.

It was reported by a source on how Farouk had withheld five months’ stipends of Fourteen Thousand (14,000) volunteers.

It will be noted that “N-Power Batch A and B who were engaged 2016 and 2017 respectively were disengaged since May 2020”.

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According to the reported source, the Minister launched another portal for exited N-Power volunteers to apply for their exit package which the Federal government promised to give all the exited volunteers after serving for about three years.

“They are owing about 14,000 volunteers five months’ stipend but Sadiya Farouq keeps mute after making numerous promises without fulfillment while the 500,000 exited volunteers remained desperate for not getting loans promised while opening the portal”.

After the sack of Saleh Mamman and Sabo Nanono, the Ministers of Power and Agriculture and Rural Development respectively by Buhari on Wednesday, the victims of the exited N-Power called Farouk’s sack as well.

Quotes by the Reported Source

The source speaking on the condition of anonymity said that Farouk was one of the most corrupt ministers in Buhari’s cabinet.

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“We are urging President Buhari to sack Sadiya Farouk next, noting that she’s the most corrupt minister in Buhari’s cabinet following her continuous negligence of 500,000 law-abiding youths by making numerous promises without fulfillment.

“The abandoned youths are suffering to survive because she makes life very difficult for them after serving for about three to four years. Sadiya must go. We demand justice. Our exit package must be paid,” the source said.

Statements by other Aggrieved Volunteers

On the Facebook page of the exited N-Power National President, Bashir Gobir, other disgruntled workers also registered their grievances.

Kabiru Ado Muhd started the conversation and posted, “President Muhammadu Buhari will also go round among ministers in the future, as said by his speaker (Presidential Media Aide) Mallam Garba Shehu. So, which minister do you want Buhari to sack next in your opinion?”

Reacting, Umar Magaji said, “Sadiya Farouk must be sacked. She must leave office. She’s wicked, and may God humiliate her the way she’s treating N-power Batch A and B. May God not let her have a good end.”

Umar Shehu commented, “Sadiya should be sacked next, no backlog, no exit package, no device after they made promise without fulfilling it.”

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According to Patient Agu, “Sadiya must go because she is not complying with President Buhari’s policies of uplifting 100 million people from poverty, she denied Batch A and B their right of getting exit package loan.”

Also, Zubair A Zube said, “Sadiya must be sacked, because she keeps on deceiving the 500,000 law-abiding youths. Why keeping our lives in more danger, giving us high blood pressure, keeps saying very soon every time and later ignores us. We’re suffering a lot.”

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