Job Application: Procedures to prepare a Professional Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Resumes/Curriculum Vitae (CV) Template – To write a resume is incredibly challenging, especially as a fresh high school graduate. Resumes/CVs are written in respect to the reason why it should be written and it requires writing skills, time amongst others.

It would be best if your resume was tailored to include information relating to the job position. Not only does this information make you a stronger candidate, but it helps in keeping your document short and brief.

Writing a curriculum vitae should be tailored to the particular job/position you are about to apply for. In this article, we will direct you on how to write a Professional Resume/CV.

Professional Resume/CV Writing Steps

Provide Your Personal Information Details

To create a job-winning resume, you must include your contact information. Make sure you have a section in your resume which features your correct and updated contact information, including name, email, telephone number, and address.

Remember, since it is a federal job, your postal address should be up to date as it will be used in the vetting process. Consider having a different and easy-to-read font for this section.

Your Citizenship Status Should be Stated Clearly

Federal jobs in Nigeria are usually keen on the citizenship status of the applicants. For this reason, it would be in your best interest to include your citizenship in the application. Remember, since the hiring managers have short attention spans, you must make it clear, brief, and easily visible.

Be keen also to include other important information relating to the job post, if required. For instance, a certain job may demand your social security number.

Clearly State Education and Qualifications

The section should end with your current education level. It is essential that you make copies of the transcripts, education certificates such as degrees and diplomas.

Ensure you only include education certificates pertaining to the job/recruitment that you are applying for.

Let your Details be Channeled to the job Positions

It is important to tailor your current document to match the requirements listed in the job post. Take note of keywords used in the post and use them to write your resume.

Remember, the recruiters might just screen your document for certain keywords used in the government job. Doing this will help you list the abilities and skills relevant to the position in question.

Include Experiences from other Jobs

Once again, you must only list those experiences from working in positions similar to the one in question. Only list those work experiences that you feel will make you a stronger candidate in the eyes of the employers.

Be Keen on Your Resume Length

While details about the government job might be long and detailed, it is advisable to try and keep your CV short and brief. Fresh college graduates should have a one-page resume, while seasoned veterans are expected to have CVs with no less than two pages.

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