Apply for Green API Make-IT in Africa Smart Agriculture Program 2023

Apply for Green API Make-IT in Africa Smart Agriculture Program 2023

Are you a Smart Agriculture startup founder? Do you have an innovation that has the potential to promote climate-smart agri-practices in Africa? This is a fantastic opportunity for you partner with the GreenAPI: Smart Agriculture Program and showcase your abilities, potentials and determination to thrive in Agri-business today.

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The GreenAPI: Smart Agriculture in collaboration with Make-IT in Africa and Orange is calling on smallholder farmers, companies and other value chain actors to her Green API Make-IT in Africa Smart Agriculture Program 2023, see more on the guidelines, requirements, eligibility criteria and application procedures below.

About GreenAPI Make-IT in Africa Smart Agriculture Program

The ‘GreenAPI: Smart Agriculture Program’ is jointly implemented by Make-IT in Africa and Orange. It aims to improve agricultural practices in Africa by creating wider and better access to smart agriculture services for smallholder farmers, companies and other value chain actors.

Specifically, the ‘GreenAPI Program: Smart Agriculture’ leverages Digital Agricultural Platforms (DAPs) to bundle smart agricultural products and services and thereby allow smallholder farmers to access a full range of services with the potential to improve their productivity and livelihood through a one-stop shop.

Make-IT in Africa and Orange have recognized DAPs as a logical path to improve market access for Smart Agriculture startups and scale their innovations through integrating their products or services with platforms.

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The GreenAPI: Smart Agriculture Program therefore facilitates business partnerships between Smart Agriculture startups and DAPs. The program empowers startups to integrate their products and services with DAPs by providing them with all the skills required to plan and implement the integration and offering them a unique opportunity to be matched with a DAP to design and pilot a joint service offering with a long-term viable business partnership as a result.

The power of collaboration: Bundling digital agricultural services through win-win business partnerships.

Aim and Benefits of this Program

In this program we believe in win-win business partnerships between Digital Agriculture Platforms (DAPs) and Smart Agriculture startups.

  • DAPs offer you the unique opportunity to expand your customer base fast and cost-effectively.
  • DAPs allow you to integrate your product or service with data and services from other providers enhancing your value proposition and business model.
  • Offering your product or service via a digital platform does not only unlock new distribution channels but also new revenue streams for your company.

This program offers a potential collaboration with mLouma as DAP in Senegal.

“mLouma” is a web and mobile platform that enables farmers and agro-food industries to make the best decision to sell or buy agricultural products thanks to the market information that the platform makes available to them in real time. The digital platform publishes real-time information on price, location and availability of farm products. Farmers and buyers can receive updates through the internet, SMS or a call center. mLouma is active in 14 regions in Senegal and registered 69 farmer organization and over 200,000 producers.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply and partner in the GreenAPI: Make-IT in Africa Smart Agriculture Program 2023, applicants must meet with all the requirements below:

  • Your company is for-profit and registered as an independent legal entity.
  • Your business is operating in Senegal or in any Western African country (ECOWAS) and Cameroon, with plans for scaling operations into Senegal.
  • The tech solution provided by your company addresses real pain points in the agricultural value chain.
  • Your company has a minimum of at least 50K USD in revenue or external investment.
  • Audited accounts of at least one year (2021 and/or 2022).

Selection Criteria

To be eligible for selection, applicants must posses the following abilities, stated below:

  1. Team and commitment to the program (20%): The capacity of the leadership and complementarity of the team as well as the organisational structure will be assessed on supporting and improving the delivery and quality of the product. The motivation and capacity to build and sustain partnerships will be reviewed as well.
  2. Commercial value of business model (20%): The business model shall be assessed against a clear value proposition and level of innovation, a clearly defined target customer profile and viable revenue streams. The complementarity of the business model and the adaptability of the revenue model should also be factored in.
  3. Scaling strategy (15%): Here the company’s objectives and strategy are assessed as well as their scaling plans. Particular attention shall be put on a strategic approach to make-or-buy-or-partner decisions, e.g., which services and products are to be developed in-house, which ones can be acquired, and which ones will be covered by partners. The company should be able to demonstrate the real business case for scaling through building business partnerships by integrating their services with digital agricultural platforms providers.
  4. Traction (15%): The applicant must demonstrate clear signs of traction in terms of the number of users as well as revenue streams. If any outside funding has been raised before, it’s a plus.
  5. Technical infrastructure (15%): The product infrastructure and design shall be assessed for functionality and user experience. Preferably there is a video with a demo of the solution or at least a link to a website provided where the product or service is clearly explained
  6. Legal compliance (15%): The Company’s compliance with existing business regulations, specifically regarding data and technical infrastructure, will be assessed. To assess possible vulnerabilities through partnerships, the protection of intellectual property and key assets will be reviewed thoroughly.

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How to Apply

To apply successfully into the GreenAPI: Make-IT in Africa Smart Agriculture Program 2023, applicants should click on the link below:

To apply, CLICK HERE

Application Deadline

Submission of Applications closes on 16th October, 2023

For more information, visit the GreenAPI: Make-IT in Africa Smart Agriculture website

Good Luck

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